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While the press has focused on the U.S. Navy’s $12.8 billion USS Gerald R. Ford aircraft carrier and the Pentagon’s $1.5 trillion plus F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, not every DoD military weapon modernization effort is quite at those spending levels. The U.S. Army focuses on technology with new efforts to keep soldiers better connected while in the field and to provide warfighters with the absolute best in situational awareness tools, devices, and even software apps.

Smuzzle Sound and Recoil

Engineers at the U.S. Army’s CCDC Army Research Laboratory, an element of the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command with the Army Futures Command, have developed a combination suppressor and muzzle brake that has the potential to keep machine guns on target and quieter on the battlefield.

This is the “smuzzle,” a muzzle brake that reportedly could reduce machine gun noise, flash, and recoil all at the same time. The device, which has been in development since 2007 when the Army began to consider the requirements for its next generation infantry weapon, could cut the volume in half at the shooter’s ear while reducing recoil by as much as one third, and even dropping the volume down range by one quarter. Developers used the concept of muzzle brakes for the 155m howitzer and downsized the technology accordingly.

“Jumping between calibers is nothing,” Daniel Cler, an engineer with the Army’s Armaments Center at the Combat Capabilities Development Center. ”We do it all the time.