F-35 vs S-400: Russia Conducts Biggest Test For S-400s Against Ballistic Missiles, Stealth Jets – EurAsian Times

In what would be a debate involving the ‘undetectable force’ meeting the aerial ‘annihilator’, Russia’s most advanced S-400 defense missile systems coming up against US’ fifth-generation ‘invisible’ F-35s is often touted as the ultimate showdown in the modern warfare.

And, in what was a brief glimpse of things to come ahead, Russia’s military this week conducted live-fire exercises for its S-400 “Trimuf” surface-to-air missile systems as part of the ongoing military drills in the nation’s south Astrakhan Oblast Region.


A statement issued by the press office of the Central Military District to TASS Russian News Agency said,- “As part of the practice stage with a live-fire exercise, the teams of S-400 ‘Triumf’ systems and Pantsyr-S1 anti-aircraft missile/gun launchers repelled a notional enemy’s simulated massive missile and air strike by launching missiles. As a result, all the targets designated for their destruction were struck in accordance with the required procedures.”

Reportedly, the struck down targets which were used to create a combat training environment and for the simulation of the air attack, were none other than Strizh-M, Favorit and Kaban aerial missile targets and Armavir low-altitude target missiles.

The drills which were conducted by the Air Defence Division of the Central Military District involved over 450 Russian military personnel and two hundred pieces of military hardware, with the participating combat teams clearing all theory tests in technical, tactical and missile firing measures.

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